‘Red Hot’ New Cure For Cancer Discovered? As ‘Big Pharma’ And Their ‘Satanaceuticals’ Are Indicted In $100 Million Fraud Scheme, This Is How We Beat Their ‘Blood Money’

– More Proof Emerges ‘God’s Medicine Cabinet’ Has Bestowed Upon Us Amazing Miracles!


The new story from UK’s Mirror shares with us bombshell news that the mainstream media will never fully cover because it goes strongly against the globalists ‘depopulation agenda’ and ‘Big Pharma’s’ never-ending pushing of ‘satanaceuticals’. (Credit to Steve Quayle for coining that word.) Reporting that the active ingredient in chili peppers called ‘capsaicin’ can help beat cancer as it destroys cancer cells, surrounding them and killing them off according to scientists, they also report this new discovery could lead to the development of a cure for cancer.

Claiming that capsaicin could help fight breast cancer and that colon, bone and and pancreatic cancer could also be killed off by the compound, they report capsaicin has the ability to ‘switch on’ specialized channels surrounding cancer cells, causing them to die.

And while their story also claims that capsaicin IS NOT effective if its eaten, inhaled or injected and ‘researchers think it will only be effective as a pill attached to another drug that targets cancer cells’, we hear the blood-money hungry babbling mouths of ‘Big pharma’ itself in that statement, always trying to figure out a way to make money off of something that God gave to His people so that we have an alternative to using ‘big pharma’ and their deadly poisons.

As we see, their story contradicts that ‘big pharma-sounding statement’ in a claim made within it by Dr. Lea Weber, writing in the journal Breast Cancer – Targets and Therapy, who stated.:

Capsaicin is capable of inducing apoptosis (cell death) and inhibiting cancer cell growth in many different types of cancer, for example, osteosarcoma, colon, and pancreatic cancer cells, while normal cells remained unharmed.

Notice that Dr. Weber didn’t say “capsaicin MIXED WITH ANOTHER DRUG” is capable of inducing cancer cell death and inhibiting cancer growth.

Just like ‘big pharma’ and their attempt to hijack the many healing powers of cannabis by turning it into a pill (so that they can continue lining their greedy pockets at the expense of Americans who are sick and dying!), those pushing their ‘satanaceuticals’ will attempt to hijack capsaicin, turning another miraculous plant that God gave His people into a drug they’ll sell for 200 or more times its original cost.

As this recent story from USA Today and the first video below tell us, a number of doctors and pharmacists were recently indicted in a $100 million dollar fraud case that is only the tip of the ‘corruption iceberg’ in the big pharma industry. And as Infowars reported back in September of 2016, the fact that ‘Bayer Nazis’ had recently joined ‘big pharma’ in taking a giant step towards controlling the world’s food supply proves there is no end to their lust for ‘blood money’.  (Click to Article)


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