Polluted China now imitating Monsanto by jumping into the GMO seed industry


(NaturalNews) China continues to show a lack of regard for human health with the news that a Chinese biotech seed company is planting corn seeds that have been genetically modified. If you think they are growing this abomination in Beijing because the company in question, Origin Agritech Ltd, is based there, think again. They are actually planting them right here in America at a USDA greenhouse.

The firm is hoping to launch what will be the first Chinese GMO corn products in our country. Field tests are set for next summer that will make use of herbicide tolerance and insect resistance technologies that were developed in the communist nation.

The company recently opened its first office outside of China in Des Moines in a move that CEO Bill Niebur, who once worked for Dupont Pioneer, said will help them transition from a firm focused on selling seeds to one that sells seed genetics to other companies.

The global biotech seed industry, which is highly competitive, has been dominated mostly by Monsanto and Dupont Pioneer until now, and Origin Agritech will be looking to establish a foothold in the market. Meanwhile, the China National Chemical Corp has reached an agreement to buy Syngenta for $43 billion, indicating that Chinese players are extremely serious about entering the U.S. market. (Click to Article)

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