After shocking US abstention at UN, where shall Israel place her faith?


“One of the biggest American rebukes of its longstanding ally in recent memory,” and “a striking rupture with past practice,” is how TheAssociated Press characterized the Obama administration’s failure, on Dec. 23, to veto a United Nations security council resolution condemning Israeli construction in east Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

The abstention opposed the will of 88 out of 100 US senators who signed a letter addressed to President Barack Obama in September demanding that he continue to ensure the automatic American veto against any unilateral, anti-Israel actions by the United Nations Security Council.

Where does the United States’ abrupt abandonment—Donald Trump’s election notwithstanding—leave modern Israel, a nation which has since its inception seemed to have placed its faith and trust in America above all others, including the God of Israel?

The U.S., though credited by many with having orchestrated passage of the UN condemnation, did not act alone. The original draft of Security Council Resolution 2334 was prepared by Egypt, which withdrew the nomination after what its ambassador described as “intense pressure.” (Click to article)

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