The Next 18 Days Will Decide the Fate of America- What You Should Be Doing


The next 18 days could determine the fate of, not just this nation, but of the entire planet. Will the satanically inspired globalist be allowed to unleash their evil upon humanity to prevent a rebirth of populism and ultimately Christianity?

The CSS on November 6, 2016

One of the most moving moments on The Common Sense Show, occurred when Steve Quayle was one of my guests on November 6, 2016, more on his appearance later in the article.  I was fearful the Hillary Clinton’s henchmen had done enough to steal the election. Between George Soros voting machines and the illegal aliens being bussed from location to location to vote multiple times, I thought Clinton had done more than enough to steal the election while subverting the will of the people.

If the election had totally been decided on the basis of pure power within the physical realm, Clinton would have indeed stolen the election. However, this election was decided in the spiritual realm and I had a front row seat.

Steve Quayle’s Prayer

It was one of the best shows, if not the best show in the history of The common Sense Show as I played host to Doug and Joe Hagmann as well as Steve Quayle. All of us were on the same spiritual wavelength that night as we summoned up all the power that we could manifest through Jesus Christ and applied this spiritual power to the election.

In the show, Steve broke out into a long, unrehearsed, highly emotional prayer in which he asked the Lord to assert his authority over the election. I confess that the entire time that Steve was praying, I could feel the presence of God in my heart and throughout my being like I have never felt it before. During the prayer, Steve prayed that God’s will be done and Clinton be bound up and America should be protected from her sinful and wicked ways. I was never so moved by prayer than I was that night. Prior to the show, I felt that Clinton, through hook and crook, was going to win. After the prayer, I had an inner knowing that God would perform a miracle and bind up the forces of Satan as manifested in Clinton. (Click to Article)

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