Huckabee to Kerry: Yes, Israel is both Jewish and democratic

Former Arkansas Governor has a message for Kerry following his speech: Yerushalayim is one city and you don’t divide it.


In the wake of Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech last week, in which he claimed that Israel’s presence in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem is an “obstacle to peace”, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee visited the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem in order to send Kerry a message that Israel is, indeed, both a Jewish and Democratic state.

“John Kerry made a most irrational speech in the last week of the year,” Huckabee told Arutz Sheva.

“We’re here in the first week of a new year to remind the world that Yerushalayim is one city,” he added, insisting on pronouncing the name of Israel’s capital in Hebrew.

“It’s not a divided city, never has been, it’s been the capital of only one people in all of its history. It’s been the capital of the Jewish people,” stressed Hucakbee. “For anyone to suggest that it ought to be carved up, it would almost be like taking the baby before Solomon again. I think that wisdom prevailed then that you don’t divide the baby in half. And wisdom needs to prevail now. You don’t divide Yerushalayim in many pieces.” (Click to Article)

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