Washington state suing Monsanto over toxic pollution from PCBs


(NaturalNews) The state of Washington has joined the list of those who have filed lawsuits against Monsanto over lingering environmental pollution caused by PCBs – a group of now-banned and highly toxic chemicals that the company manufactured between 1935 and 1977.

Several West Coast cities, including San Diego, Portland and at least half a dozen others, have also filed PCB lawsuits against Monsanto, but the Washington case marks the first time an entire state has entered into such litigation.

The state is seeking damages from the agribusiness giant on grounds of negligence, failure to warn the public about the dangers of PCBs, and trespass and injury of Washington’s natural resources.

Before becoming an agrichemical company, Monsanto was the sole manufacturer of PCBs, which were used as insulation for electronics and for many other industrial and commercial applications.

After PCBs were linked to cancer, birth defects, liver damage and other serious health problems, their use was finally banned in 1979. But the chemicals remain in the environment, even several decades later.

In a statement, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said:

“PCBs have been found in bays, rivers, streams, sediment, soil and air throughout Washington state, with more than 600 suspected or confirmed contamination sites from Puget Sound to the Wenatchee River, Lake Spokane to Commencement Bay.” (Click to Article)

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