2017 Jesus Christ Returns 100% Ironclad Proof!

This is another mans viewpoint.


I am not writing a theory.  I am not writing my ideas.  I am not writing what I think or guess may happen.  I am writing under the authority of Yahshua of Nazareth, by His Blood, and under His Ruach ha Kadosh — and  this is 100% certain! 

So take heed!  Yah speaks now!


In the year 17 AD, Yahshua of Nazareth was crucified.  All the gospel accounts verify that a massive earthquake occurred when YahShua died on the tree, such a massive earthquake it caused the several foot thick curtain of the Holy Place to divide assunder!

In fact, this massive earthquake, that overthrow several cities in the Middle East and Asia Minor, including Sardis, was recorded by the historian Pliny.  Pliny says this was THE MOST massive earthquake ever recorded in the Middle East up until that time (the time we now know as the 1st century AD).

Pliny, a verified and TRUSTED secular ancient historian, says this earthquake happened in the year 17 AD.

Yahshua was crucified and rose again in the Spring (Passover) of 17 AD.  This is not a guess.  This is not a fun theory or idea.  THIS IS HISTORICAL FACT!

My website contains many other proofs involving the reign of Tiberius but I will not exhaust that in this article.  (Click to Article)

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