Israeli officials: US abstention was Obama’s ‘last sting,’ showed his ‘true face’

‘Now it’s easier to understand what we dealt with the past eight years’


Netanyahu thanks Trump, Democrats and Republicans for support after Administration fails to use veto, enabling passage of UNSC settlements resolution; Herzog tells PM to step down

The United States’s failure to veto a Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements was the “last sting of President Obama” that exposed his “true face,” unnamed Israeli officials said Saturday evening. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, thanked President-elect Donald Trump for his promise for support at the international body after he takes office.

The US’s abstention in Friday’s vote “is the last sting of President Obama. It exposes the true face of the [Obama] administration,” the officials said Saturday evening. “Now it’s easier to understand what we dealt with the past eight years.”

The move, which allowed the resolution to pass 14-0, “was expected,” the official said, and charged that “the United States acted behind the back in composing and advancing the resolution against Israel. We knew about it through Arab and international sources.”

“President-elect [Donald] Trump, members of Congress and Jewish organizations were enlisted to prevent this move by the Obama administration. As some of the representatives in the US express, they’re considering legislation against the states who advanced the motion,” the sources said. (Click to Article)

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