Torah Commentary -Vayeshev (He Continued Living) -Learning Communication -Day 22, Month 9, 5775; 22 December 2016

Jesus scriptures temple2

Torah Commentary
Genesis 37:1-40:23
Amos 2:6-3:8
Acts 7:9-16
Vayeshev (He Continued Living)
Learning Communication
The life of Joseph shows us multiple layers of prophetic shadows. We look at the account of his life to begin to see the concept of two messiahs; Messiah ben Joseph, the suffering servant, and Messiah ben David, the conquering king. This concept has been taught in Judaism for centuries. Over the past few decades, those of us who have been studying from a Hebraic mindset have had the opportunity to look at this concept at one level or another. Many people involved in modern day Christianity, may have never heard of the concept of two messiahs. This is not a dig at our Christian brothers and sisters, but rather an observation to help explain why Christians and Jews have difficulty communicating with or understanding one another regarding the messiah. It is very important to educate ourselves in terminologies and beliefs. In doing so, we can better converse with one another respectfully to avoid offense and more clearly to overcome confusion. (Click to Article)

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