FDA approves clinical trial of ecstasy for possible treatment of PTSD


(NaturalNews) Could ecstasy soon be hitting a pharmacy near you? The FDA recently approved of a large-scale, Phase 3 clinical trial of MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder. The approval follows a series of small-scale studies that have indicated that small amounts of the drug can provide effective treatment for the illness.

While it may sound like a fun time, for those who suffer with PTSD, MDMA has proven that it can provide serious, and much needed, relief. C.J. Hardin, a  veteran who served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, suffered with severe PTSD that left him divorced and struggling with alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. Hardin says he cut himself off from the world completely, noting that he tried psychotherapy, group therapy and almost a dozen different psychiatric medications.

“Nothing worked for me, so I put aside the idea that I could get better,” he said in his interview with The New York Times.  (Click to Article)

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