What You Can’t Hide Is Genocide: Most of Humanity Will Soon Perish Unless We Repent


They are the self-appointed demagogues of the planet. They feel they have the right to make decisions regarding the welfare of the planet. They collapse nations, bring about droughts, induce starvation policies and they have a long track record of enacting genocide in order to achieve their ends.

They unveil their dastardly plans at places such as Bilderberg, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. They are the ultimate oligarchy. The welfare and the preservation of the human race are concepts which are foreign to this group. Who lives and who dies is a matter of balancing a ledger sheet. Human beings are a commodity and when the human venture is no longer profitable, billions of humans will be cast aside.

Who are they? THEY are the Fabian Socialists. Their Fabian Socialist policies are derived from 19th century elitist such as Herbert Spencer who as Darwin’s cousin and his survival of the fittest philosophies have dominated human history for the past 150 years.


Fabian Socialsim

Fabian socialism is the guiding philosophy which cuts through the heart of the ruling elite. Anyone who has spent any amount of time researching the so-called global elite knows that they ultimately serve Satan. However, their method of implementation is obtained through the principles of Fabian socialism. Without going to through all of the principles of this philosophy, I want to identify one foundational belief which underlies the purpose of this article.

At its core, Fabian Socialism espouses the belief that when an individual or a group of individuals fail to produce as much as they consume, they need to be eliminated. We see the manifestation of this belief in the moder era when Kissinger referred to such people as “useless eaters.”  In the 1070’s Kissinger and his merry band of globalists embarked on starving the people of the third world (see below). In the West, we scarcely noticed because it was not “our” problem. However, recent economic and technological developments have brought Kissinger’s philosophy to the shores of America and Great Britain. (Click to Article)

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