The Prayer Movement That’s Sweeping the Middle East


ERBIL, Northern Iraq – It’s been two years since ISIS captured a number of Christian villages and town in northern Iraq. Since then, thousands of Christians have been separated from the homes they love.

The military campaign to liberate these areas is underway, but now Christians have launched a spiritual effort to make their way home.

They call it the “return festival,” a worship celebration and prayer meeting of Iraqi Christians.

“The original idea of this event is to bring Christians together to pray for their land,” Mahar Barbary, with Life Agape told CBN News. “Because their land has been taken by ISIS and we believe that this land needs to be cleansed.  And we believe as we pray for this land, people will go back we believe for a new spirit, for a new situation.”

Representatives from a cross section of Iraqi churches attended. Vernon Brewer, with World Help was chosen as the only non-Iraqi speaker. (Click to Article)

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