Preschool ‘transgenderism’ on the rise, Canadian pediatricians report


December 5, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — A pro-“transgender” National Post report that Canadian pediatricians are seeing an increase in patient referrals for “gender non-conforming” preschool children who think they are and want be the opposite sex has alarmed pro-family experts on gender confusion.

The November 17 National Post article – headlined “‘I feel like a boy, mom:’ Doctors seeing an increase in preschoolers convinced they are in the wrong body” – tells the story of the families of two preschoolers, one boy, one girl, who decide at young ages that they are the opposite sex. Their parents indulge their feelings and encourage the children to live in their “gender non-conformity.”

The Post reports:

“Doctors say they are seeing a slow, but steady increase in referrals for children as young as three and four displaying ‘gender non-conforming behaviours’ that run a spectrum, from boys dressing in stereotypical ‘girlish’ clothes, or sometimes even pretending to not have a penis by pushing it between their legs, to ‘gender dysphoria’ — psychiatry’s label for the distress that may accompany the ‘incongruence’ or mismatch between ‘one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s assigned gender.’” (Click to Article)

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