Clone Wars: Is Russia building an army of genetically-enhanced war dogs?


(NaturalNews) Russian police and security services are set to test special “designer dogs” that have been cloned in South Korea for the purpose of sniffing out drugs and explosives – and, some believe, for military purposes.

To date, three dogs – Belgian Malinois – were cloned by Prof. Hwang Woo Suk, Ph.D, who gave them to Russia for use by the FSB, the equivalent of the NSA in the U.S., in Yakutia, also called the Sakha Republic, the coldest inhabited part of the planet, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail added that Yakutia is the same part of Siberia where Hwang is gathering samples from extinct woolly mammoths, which have been preserved for thousands of years in the permafrost, with the goal of bringing the species back to live in their native habitat.

The dogs were revealed at the Mammoth Museum in the regional capital city of Yakutsk, where they were officially turned over to the All-Russian Military-Historical Society, which plans to pass them out as needed to law enforcement services. (Click to Article)

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