Super Soldiers: The Era of Demonic Superhuman Enhancement has Begun, Starting With Synthetic Blood Transfusions


We are no longer living in a time when we can say we either want to enhance or we don’t. We are already living in an age of enhancement. -Nicholas Agar, Victoria University

Scientists and researchers from across the world have for decades attempted to enhance human capabilities. Given the latest advances in science and technology, that radical ideology is becoming a reality. “Synthetic blood” is currently being developed to help alleviate blood shortages, but some scientists believe that it may be possible to produce a type of artificial blood that could significantly improve an individual’s physical speed, strength and stamina.

Truth is Stranger than Science Fiction

According to the Pew research center – “New developments in biochemistry are creating the possibility of using a synthetic blood substitute (sometimes referred to as “super blood”) to boost people’s oxygen levels in the bloodstream significantly. Synthetic blood is currently being developed mainly to help stem blood shortages for patients in need of a transfusion.”

However, if that “super blood” was given to an average person, according to the Pew Research Center – “With the synthetic blood substitute, a higher concentration of oxygen would be carried from the lungs to the muscles through the bloodstream and could significantly improve an individual’s physical speed, strength and stamina. This, in turn, could allow people to function in extreme conditions, or to perform everyday tasks with greater ease simply.”

After overlooking the survey provided by the Pew Research Center – the vast majority of Americans are considerably concerned where this technology will lead to, and rightly so. However, one portion of the analysis is missing. (Click to Article)

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