The dirty history of Big Pharma’s scientific censorship, oppression and destruction of human knowledge


(NaturalNews) The row over Vaxxed: From Coverup To Corruption, has led me to consider my experiences of censorship, apart from attempts to wipe out my book,[1] and I thought I would write a little about the subject as a whole this morning. (Story by Celia Farber, republished from

Hands up all those who know that between 1929 and 1952, the UK Anti Vaccination League unsuccessfully lobbied the BBC, to have their voice heard. The BBC stuck doggedly to its medically directed policy of not allowing “crackpots” to have a voice on the British Broadcasting. I’m not saying that anything has changed since 1952, but there is a definite reference for this period.

I started my involvement in campaigning against pharmaceutically directed medical orthodoxy, in 1988 when I began researching the Campaign Against Health Fraud, a stooge pharma group set up by the Wellcome Foundation. This group’s first campaigns were built around – amongst other things– denying that people could be susceptible to food allergy and chemical sensitivity. This group vehemently attacked anyone who suggested that manufactured food stuffs or chemicals could cause sensitivities. They did everything they could to stop anyone speaking or writing on the subject. The group, still in existence, is now headed by Dick Taverne, the founder of the bogus charity Sense About Science. The group’s campaign is obviously responsible for the fact that the UK now has the highest rates of allergy and anaphylactic shock in the developed world. (Click to Article)

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