Torah Commentary -VaVera (He Appeared) Ritual or Relationship -Day 16, Month 8, 5775; 17 November 2016


Torah Commentary
Gen 18:1-22:24
2Kings 4:1-37
Luke 17:26-37
Romans 9:6-9
Hebrews 6:13-20
Ya’akov 2:14-24

VaVera (He Appeared)

Ritual or Relationship
This week we begin by looking at two men, Avram and Lot. They are related by physical DNA, but the makeup of the men is worlds apart. These two men who left Ur together have both become rich. Because Lot did not recognize and acknowledge that the reason for his wealth was because he had joined himself to the man of faith, Avram, he began to think life was about himself, his needs, and his desires. This mindset caused Lot to have to make a choice in life which would, in the end, cost him more than he ever dreamed. He would not only lose his riches, but something far greater than wealth, his family and legacy.
Abram, on the other hand, would never lose focus on the One who had called him or the destination that calling was taking him to.
There is an interesting similarity in these two men which we may read over too quickly. When the messengers came to Avram, the text says he asked Sarai to quickly make cakes of flour. When two of the messengers went to Lot’s house he made for them cakes also. In the Hebrew text the word is matzah, or unleavened bread. Consider that though the Hebrew text does not say it specifically, Avram gave the messengers bread which had been made quickly, unleavened bread. Why does the text lead us to the thought of unleavened bread? Could it be that the messengers came to these men during a time they would only be eating unleavened bread? Could Adam have passed on an instruction regarding an animal slain to give clothing of righteousness? Could all the Feasts including Unleavened Bread have begun in The Garden, in which case Avram and Lot would be continuing in those instructions? (Click to Article)

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