The Face of Evil: George Soros Should Be On the FBI Most Wanted List


I’ve written much about this man, George Soros. He is the darling and sugar daddy of the left wing liberals who are licking their wounds after Clinton’s defeat on November 8. To Conservatives, Soros is a devil and his evil knows no boundaries.

All liberals are sad because the people of America spoke loudly on election day, and that election had a clear message: We are here and we are strong and we are not fooled by the “enemedia” any longer.

Soros is not sad – he is mad

I would say that this man is mad in more ways than one. His manipulation of world politics and economies has been his passion for decades. It would not surprise me if he had a game board – much like Monopoly- where he tracks his successes and failures in his geopolitical strategies. He has impacted world economies and politics, but for the purpose of this article, I will focus on America.

A little history about the devil man (Click to Article)

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