Torah Commentary -Lech Lecha (Get Yourself Out) -A Common Thread -November 12, 2016

Torah Commentary

Jesus scriptures temple2

Gen 12:1-17:27
Isaiah 40:27-41:16
Acts 7:1-8
Romans 3:19-5:6
Hebrews 7:1-19; 11:8-12
Lech Lecha (Get Yourself Out)
A Common Thread
This week we are introduced to a man named Avram, (Abram.) His life will be laid out in front of us with days of walking in great faith as well as his days of failure. In the end, his name will be changed to Avraham by adding the Hebrew letter Heh to the end of Avram. The letter Heh is an interesting one in that it is the only letter we sound without using any movement of our mouth. It is sounded by only the use of breath. It is a letter which is used to point us to the breath of Yah. What do we see so far? The life of changing Avram to Avraham was accomplished by Avram’s willingness to allow The Creator to breath life-transforming breath into him.
The process Avram went through should take us back to The Garden. Adam was formed from the dirt of the earth, but he had no life until breath was breathed into him. It was only with the addition of the breath of Yah that Adam came to life. Could we therefore conclude that even though Avram was breathing and walking on the earth and seemed to be alive to those around him, it was not until the breath of Yah came into him that he really started to live? (Click to Article)

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