Shocking Maps Prove How America Is Being Overthrown As Globalists Ramp Up Destabilization Efforts, Pushing Country Closer To Martial Law And Into Their Hands


The map seen at the top of this story shows not only the 2016 election results county by county but quite tellingly overlaps the sanctuary cities across America within it. Proving to us the startling ‘coincidence’ between the areas that voted for Hillary Clinton as some of the same areas where those here illegally in this country are granted a ‘free pass’, we see the globalists plans to overthrow America detailed in the maps within this story as also heard in the 1st video below.

As we can also see within the other maps in this story, it’s not a coincidence that some areas with sanctuary cities are also some of the areas with the highest crime rates across America. And with our own Department of Homeland Security recently admitting that a surge of illegal immigrants is now happening at our southern border, it’s clear the globalists plans to overthrow America are not only still in place but may be being kicked into overdrive now that Donald Trump has been elected and has promised to turn back the clock on the globalists plan for America.

With 1.4 million Obama amnesty applicants on Donald Trump’s deportation ‘hit list’ while he promises to build a wall between Mexico and the US, we also get more evidence that the globalists may attempt to pull off some kind of ‘false flag’ in America that brings Trump’s vision for America screeching to a grinding halt. (Click to Article)

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