Nations prepare for biggest vote on gay agenda the UN has ever faced


November 11, 2016 (C-Fam) – The UN General Assembly is preparing the battlefield for the most important vote on the homosexual agenda it has ever faced.

The African Group tabled a resolution last week challenging the legality of a narrow decision of the Human Rights Council in June to establish the first-ever UN bureaucratic post on LGBT issues.

The 54 nation-strong Group said it was “disturbed” by the incessant focus on “sexual interests and behaviors” and asked that these notions not be linked to binding human rights law.

“The African Group is strongly concerned by the attempts to introduce and impose new notions and concepts that are not internationally agreed upon,” Botswana’s ambassador said, presenting the position of the African Group last Friday.

He asked for the “suspension” of the UN post until further consultations on the legal basis of the mandate take place.

Delegations did not waste time in laying out their positions.

Countries backing the homosexual agenda scrambled to counter the Africans, revealing the high priority Western nations afford the new post, ostensibly aimed at reducing violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

A US diplomat said they were “deeply concerned” by the African proposal to re-open negotiations on the resolution of the Human Rights Council because it would “set a very dangerous precedent.” She suggested the Africans were claiming the absence of a legal basis for the mandate as a pretext to block the mandate. (Click to Article)

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