(NaturalNews) To all Natural News fans, readers and patriots:

Last night we struck a devastating blow against the establishment, acting in self-defense to protect our nation, our liberties and our Constitution.

Today I declare “LOVE WINS” because it islove for America that inspired us to collectively achieve this great victory.

Like you and I, Donald Trump loves America. He loves it enough to risk everything — his business, his reputation, even his life — to fight for Americans… even when so many of those Americans have been hopelessly misinformed and brainwashed by the corrupt, leftist media to hate everything America stands for.

LOVE WINS when we protect our borders and demand that immigrants follow the law. (Note to all: My wife is an immigrant. She followed the law!)

LOVE WINS when we defeat a great evil. Hillary Clinton and her hundreds of co-conspirators are the most evil, destructive and corrupt people to have nearly seized total power in Washington. Stopping them in their tracks was a tremendous act of courage, love and self-defense. Together, we just saved America! (Click to Article)

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