Independent startup now mapping the marijuana genome to protect it from Monsanto


(NaturalNews) As the evidence supporting marijuana’s healing properties continues to grow, the number of businesses getting involved with the commercialization of the plant also continues to expand. And despite the DEA’s refusal to reschedule cannabis and relax federal laws surrounding marijuana, states continue to vote on and enforce their own laws surrounding the cannabis plant – particularly to acknowledge its medicinal properties.

So far, a number of states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and some have even legalized recreational use.

The expansion of marijuana’s legality will undoubtedly create large opportunities for the industry. It has been suggested that the actions of these states will lead to the creation of a very viable market for marijuana across North America.

That’s why it’s not really that surprising that in 2015 rumors about Monsanto’s desire to get involved with the cannabis industry began to circulate. Alternative news outlets were the first to report on it, and marijuana advocates were quick to criticize Monsanto’s plans for creating a monopoly on the plant. (Click to Article)

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