FALSE FLAGS AVERTED: No massive false flag attacks took place because the globalists mistakenly thought they would win the vote


(NaturalNews) In the days leading up to Tuesday’s presidential election, we made some startling predictions here at Natural News that, thankfully, have not come true thus far.

For one, our editor and founder, Mike Adams, about 100 days out from the election, predicted that no matter who won the election, there would be mass chaos in the streets and that our country may turn into a “tinderbox.”

In particular, Adams and others believed that the most likely scenario for violence would be a Trump victory, given the well-established violent history of Leftists in America funded by billionaire social-change drivers like George Soros. At scores of Trump campaign events for months preceding the election, paid agitators arrived to start trouble, harassed Trump backers and became physically violent. In one now-infamous incident, a young female Trump supporter was backed into a glass door by enraged Leftists and pelted with tomatoes, eggs and other things just because she supported a different political candidate (and Hillary Clinton supporters are supposed to be all about taking care of women!).

Judging by all the reporting and mainstream media polling, it was obvious that the powers that be thought that Trump was not simply going to lose, but lose big. The Huffington Post, for example, made the wildly inaccurate prediction that Clinton had a 98.2-percent chance of winning on Tuesday.

Clearly, she didn’t. Clearly, the globalists were over-confident – which may explain why there weren’t false flag attacks or other election mischief. (Click to Article)

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