CERN deny that the Hadron Collider caused Italy’s recent earthquakes after bizarre claims that ‘plasma blasting experiment’ was responsible for tremors


  • Conspiracy theorists have blamed the CERN facility for Italy earthquakes
  • One suggested the Large Hadron Collider unleashes massive power
  • Another theorist suggested aliens could invade Earth using the collider
  • CERN has insisted that the Large Hadron Collider is entirely safe

CERN has denied claims the Large Hadron Collider was responsible for a recent string of earthquakes in Italy.

The BP Earthwatch organisation posted a video on its YouTube page which claimed the massive machine on the French-Swiss border could have prompted the earthquakes.

The conspiracy site claims the LHC could have triggered the earthquakes in August which killed more than 200 people and caused severe shocks last month.

Scientists at the Geneva-based European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), had been trying to discover a new particle – in addition to the 2012 discovering of the Higgs Boson – God particle.

However, after initial excitement of a breakthrough, scientists acknowledged the discovery was a ‘statistical burp’ rather than a new particle which would have re-written the physics books.  (Click to Article)

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