Media dare not report wave of paralyzed children caused by vaccines


(NaturalNews) The establishment media, already shedding eyeballs, subscribers and – most importantly, advertisers – has to be careful about what it reports these days, lest these outlets descend even further into financial dire straits.

That, of course, includes ‘playing nice’ with Big Pharma, which invests tens of millions of dollars each year into newspaper, magazine and TV advertising.

So it’s not surprising to find very little real reporting on what may actually be vaccine-related injuries, especially to small children – even when those injuries are now occurring at an increasingly rapid pace.

In the past few years, the Los Angeles Times reported, hundreds of children have been taken to hospitals around the country after they suddenly became partially or fully paralyzed, unable to move their limbs. Dozens in that past few months alone have become paralyzed. (Click to Article)

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