Is Hillary Clinton Suffering From Terminal Brain Disease? Ties With Witch Covens, Cannibalism, Occult Rituals And Child Sex Trafficking Show The Darker Side Of The Clintons


If this presidential campaign season wasn’t weird enough, it just took a massively creepy turn with the new release of a Wikileaks’ hacked email exposing Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta ties with a ritual occult artist, when looked at in conjunction with previous news of the cannibal art in his office, Hillary Clinton’s frequent witch coven trips, Hillary’s strange constant changing appearance, her well documented difficulty in walking, coughing fits, and other noted strange behaviors, we have to wonder if the Parkinson symptoms noted by prominent doctors is, could actually be a brain disease known as Kuru.


Kuru is better known from New Guinea, stemming from cannibalism, is largely considered obsolete, but according to HealthLine, new cases do appear because the disease has a long incubation period.

HealthLine states “Symptoms of more common neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or stroke may resemble kuru symptoms.” Those symptoms include difficulty walking, poor coordination, difficulty swallowing, moodiness and behavioral changes, dementia, muscle twitching and tremors, inability to grasp objects, random, compulsive laughing or crying.  (Click to Article)

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