Hillary Is MELTING: Campaign Goes Into Panic Mode & Tells ONE Whopping Lie


Hillary Clinton, also called the wicked witch by many, is melting right before our eyes as her campaign goes into full panic mode. Her camp doesn’t want you to know how desperate they have become, but they couldn’t help themselves. They announced one big whopping lie to their supporters that proved Hillary’s going down and her horrendous reign is coming to an end.

Poor Jen, she is the same woman who put down Catholics in her email, and she woke up this morning to the really bad news that Catholics are voting for Donald Trump, 51 to 37 percent. That’s huge news since the Catholic vote has gone to the winner in the last 5 out of 6 elections.

But, that’s not all. Palmieri addressing Wikileaks proves it has damaged Hillary’s campaign and they can’t afford any more damage. Turn off the mainstream media, including most of Fox News, because here are the latest polls by a non-partisan organization: (Click Article)

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