Superbugs: Big Pharma to blame for coming death of 700,000 people annually


(NaturalNews) As new guidelines set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)to curb antibiotic overuse and abuse on factory farms slowly come into effect, the drug industry is apparently setting its greedy sights elsewhere – towards countries where restrictions on antibiotic use are looser, or simply where “anything goes.”

Livestock are the single biggest consumers of antibiotic drugs in the U.S. – not by choice, of course, but because farmers have long been sold a bill of goods by Big Pharma when it comes to using them to bulk up their cattle more quickly and get them to market as fast as possible. It’s a common practice that generates a lot of money in the short-term, but a whole lot of problems in the long-term.

The use of antibiotics on farms is arguably the biggest contributor to antibiotic resistance among humans, where drugs that used to treat deadly bugs no longer do. The result is the emergence of so-called “superbugs” that are capable of outsmarting even the most potent antibiotics, a phenomenon that’s killing people by the hundreds of thousands (Click to Article)

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