Torah Commentary -Trail of Righteousness – 11-4-2016

Torah Commentary
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Genesis 6:9-11:32

Isaiah 54:1-55:5
Matthew 24:36-44
1Peter 3:18-22
Noach (Noah)
Trail of Righteousness


The story of the flood is maybe the most famous outside of creation itself. Most all cultures have some sort of traditions which can be traced back to this event. I am told that the pictogram for the word flood in Chinese is by using drawings of water, a boat, and the number eight. It is in the Scriptural account that the details are brought forth with clarity. The leading role is a man named Noah. His name is Noach in Hebrew, which is spelled Nun Chet. What’s interesting to me is if we were to look at a mirror image of those letters we would see the word chen, which is spelled Chet Nun. The word is grace. When Yah spoke the word Noach, if He was able to see the word leaving His mouth, He would literally have seen the word chen, or grace.
But wait a second, how did Noach know how what righteous living was? Nothing is given of his story until it is said that he lived righteously, but where did that come from? Let’s look at some genealogy. According to one of my sources, Adam had only died about 100 years prior to the birth of Noach. Seth died when Noach was a young teen. Methuseleh, who was born when Adam was a meer 680 or so years old may have known both Adam and Seth personally. Methuselah was probably alive until the flood was in the extended forecast, if not possibly the day before it began. It is possible that either of these men could have taken Methusaleh on a field trip to The Garden and standing in front of angels with swords drawn, shown him the two trees and quoted the promise of a coming Redeemer. Methusaleh could have passed this on to Noach from the very same vantage point. (Click to Article)

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