Experimental GM crops from Dow Chemical and DuPont fail to repel pests


(NaturalNews) The utter failure of genetically-modified crops (GMOs) is once again on full display, this time with crop products made by companies other than the usual Monsanto. A novel variety of transgenic corn produced and marketed by both Dow Chemical Corporation and DuPont is not exactly working as claimed, new reports indicate, and agricultural experts are urging the chemical industry to immediately cease selling these failed products to farmers.

Known as “Herculex,” the synthetic corn in question contains a gene modification that’s supposed to prevent a pest known as the western bean cutworm from destroying crops. But so far, the genetic alteration has done nothing to stop this worm, which means farmers everywhere have been paying through their teeth for a technology that not only doesn’t work, but that’s also proprietary and exceptionally costly, especially when compared to non-GMO and organic crops that are open-source, and are not patented or owned by multi-national corporations.

A group of six entomologists published an open letter to the seed industry in a recent issue of Purdue University’s Pest & Crop Newsletter, calling on those involved to do the right thing and fess up to the fact that Herculex doesn’t work. Farmers will soon be gearing up to plant next year’s crops, and they need to know that it’s best to look elsewhere for corn that’s not going to result in massive yield reductions.

“People are frustrated and angry and, more importantly, yield was lost,” the letter states. “Before growers make seed choices for 2017, we again urge the seed industry to acknowledge the reality of what is happening in the field.” (Click to Article)

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