Vladimir Putin Cripples The Mainstream Media And Blows A Hole In The New World Order As We Reach The Eve Of Destruction


With Hillary Clinton’s camp now pinning her rapidly disintegrating chances to be president of America upon the American people ‘buying’ that FBI Director James Comey is part of some vast right-wing conspiracy that includes;

1) Donald Trump
2) The countless good men and women at the FBI who had recently submitted resignation letters to Comey
3) The entire ‘alt-right media’
4) Every single ‘deplorable’ across America
5) Any American who wants the ‘swamp drained’
6) Any former Bernie Sanders supporter who doesn’t like Hillary (and her never-ending lies!)
7) AND Vladimir Putin himself.

We hear directly from the Russian president in the newly translated 1st video below. Meanwhile, in the 2nd video, we hear all about this new-fangled ‘conspiracy theory’ invented by the Clintonistas in a last gasp attempt to steal away America from Donald Trump and the American people by trying to blame anything and everything on Russia. (Click to Article)

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