For Halloween, People Share Their Horror Stories About Using A Ouija Board

Men and women share horror stories from their experiences using a Ouija board and they’re guaranteed to give you goosebumps


  • People have taken to Reddit to share their spooky stories 
  • There have been several threads dedicated to tales about Ouija boards
  • Horror stories include objects being thrown and eerily predicted deaths 

With Halloween fast approaching, people love to hear spooky stories that send shivers down their spines.

And just in time, Reddit users have taken to the forum to share their creepiest tales of using a Ouija board, which people use to attempt to contact the dead.

There have been several threads asking users to share their strangest experiences when using the device, which has a planchett that spells out words based on questions that users ask.

The first one asked: ‘Anyone have any personal ouija board experiences?’ and thesecond said ‘Paranormal fans, who has used an Ouija board? What was your experience(s)?’

Together, they have more than 200 comments from people and the stories are enough to make you never want to try it.

From predicting deaths to moving objects, it seems people have been put off using the Ouija board after their first time.

One Reddit user took to the forum to tell a story they had ‘always wanted to tell, but never had the opportunity’ to.

The story is about their father who had been playing with an Ouija board with his friends when they were told one of the friend’s fathers would die in the near future.

The next week, his father was struck down by a car and killed immediately.  (Click to Article)

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