Why America’s Annihilation Is Assured Even If We Defeat Russia In World War 3 – Is That Why They’re Prepared To Move The US Capitol To Denver?


The ‘flashback’ story from Whiteout Press that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning reminds us that our ‘continuity of government’ requires an ‘alternative capitol’ be in place just in case Washington DC is destroyed. Giving us a great deal of evidence that the US’s ‘alternative capitol’ is indeed hidden underneath the 57 square miles that make up the Denver International Airport in Colorado, we pray that all of the recent talk of World War 3 and swift and sudden destruction doesn’t soon materialize, leading to the confirmation of another long-held ‘conspiracy theory’.

With shills coming out of the woodwork ever since serious talk of a possible World War 3 and nuclear annihilation for much of America and the world went viral earlier this week, claiming all of the statements coming directly out of the mouths of US military leaders, the Russian Embassy and Russian military leaders is just ‘bogus fearmongering’, we take a look below at more signs that we might soon witness those experts warnings coming true and the US capitol moved to Denver in the process.

As the note Quayle left on the Whiteout Press story tells us, THIS IS WHY SO MANY FOREIGN AND U.N. TROOPS ARE IN COLORADO, WHOSE MISSION IS TO TAKE OUT ALL RESISTERS TO THE NWO IN THE COLORADO MOUNTAINS. We also take a look below at why America’s annihilation would be guaranteed even if we were to somehow ‘win’ World War 3. (Click to Article)

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