Torah Commentary VaYelech (He Went) -A Meaningful Glance


Torah Commentary
VaYelech (He Went)
Deuteronomy 31:1-30
Hosea 14:2-10
2Kings 19-21
Hebrews 13:5-8
A Meaningful Glance
Think back through the Book of Deuteronomy with me. How often does Moses instruct the people to keep a written copy of Torah in front of them? From the kings to come, to the mount of curses, to a copy of Torah before the priests in the Tabernacle, the Torah is everywhere they would look. Why was this so important?
It is the mirror of Torah which gives us a way for our Creator to have us examine our lives in His light. When we even glance at the words of Torah we should see and examine our lives, not by what others think or even by what we think, but by what He thinks.
Just imagine with me a Hebrew going about his life in the Promised Land. This man owns a small farm on the western shore of the Jordan River, just a few yards from where the Children of Israel came across many years earlier. Every day as he is working his field he looks up and sees the stones which were set up years earlier to mark the place where his ancestors came across the river. He thinks back to the stories he has heard of how Moses passed the baton to Joshua and told him to be strong and of good courage. He makes a turn in the field with his plow and there in front of him are Mount Eval and Mount Gerazim. He thinks to himself about the Torah written on stones on one of those mountains and stops to consider which of the mountains he is living on, blessings or curse. (Click to Article)

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