Is the RAPTURE a “Jewish Event?” – Have Gentiles and Even Jews Missed an Important Point!


Should Gentiles take heed of the Jewish High Holy Days?

What might the Jewish faithful be unaware of concerning the High Holy Days?

Is it possible the world is in for a really interesting surprise? Maybe! Consider this:

There’s been some controversy within Christian and Messianic congregations about the suggestion of a future event called the ‘rapture.’ Some say it’s a biblical concept supported by the Bible’s text, others don’t see how it could be so. Recent popular fiction books based on the concept of a rapture (series entitle ‘Left Behind’) have generated sales in the millions. Let’s use an example to illustrate the issue and then let’s venture a whole new look at what the discussion might really be all about! Then you decide!

We need an ‘opposing point of view’ for contrast. Actually, we’ll use a friendly source for this illustration. The Spring 2003 edition of Foundational Teachings carries a lead article entitled “LEFT BEHIND – SOME WILL BE; THE IMPORTANT QUESTION IS WHEN?” by Charles P. Schmitt. (Immanuel’s Church).

If you sit in a study session with Mr. Schmitt you will soon realize that he goes to great measures to search out background material. His eyes are on seeking an accurate presentation for what is in both the Scriptures and in observations made by others over time. Good research often brings great rewards and the assurance of reaching proper conclusions. To this end we give considerable credit to Charles Schmitt. So, take note we use his writings here as an example not for the sake of criticism – he could very well be correct in what we quote below. But we think there remains one considerable point to be made. And maybe the quotation below is plagued by historical bias without proper reference to the best interpretation. That possibility is why this article was written! (Click to Article)

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