Torah Commentary – Ki Tavo ” – When you come” – Remembering the Journey


Torah Commentary
Ki Tavo “When you come”
Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8
Isaiah 60:1-22
Matthew 13:1-23
Acts 28:17-31
Romans 11:1-15

Remembering the Journey
The people of Israel are posed on the eastern bank of the Jordan River. Forty years of the desert are behind them. The Promised Land is now so close they can smell it. Within just a few days they will enter in.
As Moses reminds the people they are to live by the Torah in the land, he gives them a very important instruction. He tells them in Deuteronomy 26 what to do after they have settled in the land. They are to take part of the harvest of the land and go to the Priest serving in the Tabernacle. There they are to offer the harvest of the land and remember the journey which brought them to the land flowing with milk and honey. They are to remember especially the life of Egypt, which HaShem had delivered them from. They are to think back to the oppression and slavery they had lived under during the long years of bondage. (Click to Article)

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