Not a joke: California to actually begin regulating cow farts


(NaturalNews) Cow manure is producing too much methane, according to the California Legislature, which seeks to substantially reduce what it considers climate change emissions over the next decade and a half. Officials recently approved regulations on “cow flatulence and manure,” both of which supposedly contribute to greenhouse gas releases.

The bill’s author, Democratic Senator Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, approved the measure recently and agreed to give dairy farms more time to comply. Regulators hope to reducemethane emissions to 40 percent below 2013-levels by the year 2030, reports CBS News.

The measure also aims to “significantly increase” composting in order to reduce the dumping of food waste in local landfills, which officials say releases methane gases upon breakdown.

Factory farming, as well as the commercial food sector, are among the most harmful industries when it comes to the environment, sustainability and public health. (Click to Article)

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