Torah Commentary -Shoftim “Judges” -Quit Observing Torah!

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Shoftim “Judges”

Quit Observing Torah!

Now that I have your undivided attention, please continue to read.

I have been on this journey for a number of years now and have come to the conclusion that we all should quit observing Torah. To understand what I am saying pick up a dictionary or do a quick search on the definition of the word observe. See what I mean? The word observe means to watch or look at something. Is this what we are to do with Torah? Are we simply supposed to watch the words of Torah pass in front of our eyes on a weekly basis? Should we simply look at the words year after year? I think not!

Look for a moment at Deuteronomy 16:20 and the above words will become a bit clearer. In this verse we see that we are to pursue justice. The word translated justice is the Hebrew word tsedeq, which is much better translated righteousness. The verse further tells us what to do with this word. Note that is does not say we are to observe righteousness, but rather we are to pursue righteousness. Back to the dictionary and we find the word pursue to be an action word of following something in order to catch or attack it.

So now, what is this righteousness we are told to pursue. Is it Yeshua and His righteousness lived out in our lives that we are to pursue or rather is it the works of obedience to Torah that we are to pursue? The answer of course is yes, or “C” for “All the above.” At least that is how we should see the answer if we are looking with a Hebrew mindset instead of a western mindset. (Click to Article)

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