Torah Commentary Ekev “Because”

Jesus scriptures temple2

Ekev “Because”
Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25
Isaiah 49:14-51:3
2Kings 1-3

Get That Out of Here!

“Get that out of my house!”  These are words every child from the beginning of time has heard, words that most of us just did not understand.  Many of us were deeply hurt by them.  We just could not understand why Mom was so against having our pet frog roaming around her house, wondering “What does she have against that cute little bug anyway?”  Didn’t she understand that the mud pie was our contribution to the dinner table just like the fresh flowers she had picked from outside?

What would a house look like if children were in charge of what comes in the door?  It would certainly be a place most of us would not want to visit, much less live in.  Over time it would be a place of dead and dying creatures, germs and filth.  Given enough time, it would be a place which would breed disease and even death to those who entered.  And in the meantime, the children would go on playing, not understanding the consequences of their actions. (Click to Article)

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