Va’etchanan -“And I besought” Hear O Israel!

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Torah Commentary

NOTE: In order to be in line with Israel. we are skipping a Torah portion this week. Sorry for the confusion.

Va’etchanan “And I besought”

Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11
Isaiah 40:1-26

Ya’akov 2:14-26

Hear O Israel!

You don’t have to be around the Messianic Movement long before you begin to hear a prayer known as the Sh’ma from Deuteronomy 6:4. In quite short order you can even learn it in Hebrew and be singing it in harmony with others as you face Jerusalem to declare this wonderful truth. How many though can recite or even sing the Sh’ma, but do not know what it means or represents? The answer may be surprising.

This verse begins with a small but fascinating word, used to name the prayer, which is translated “hear.” But the English word “hear” does not come close to a proper interpretation. The word really means to “hear with an understanding which produces action.” The very thought that a person could hear an instruction but fail to do it is foreign to Hebraic thought. Instead, the possibility of “hearing” and not “doing” is a Greek/Western idea. Simply put, if you hear a message on Shabbat, but do not go away from the meeting and put the practice of Shabbat into your life, then you did not truly hear or “sh’ma” the teaching. (Click to Article)

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