Torah Commentary-Acharei (After The Death)

Torah Commentary
Acharei (After The Death)
Leviticus 16:1-18:30;19:1-20:27
Ezekiel 22:1-19; Amos 9:7; Isaiah 66:1-24
2 Samuel 4-6

Preparing For Home



In this Torah portion as well as next week, many of the instructions we will consider as pure common sense. The reason is because most of us have been raised in cultures which are at least, to some extent, based upon Scripture. Though many countries are walking away from His Word, the foundation is still there in our lives. Are these instructions written to us just so we may have a nice life, or is there a greater purpose?

Two times in these Torah portions, once in 18:28 and then in 20:22, we are told of a reason greater than ourselves, and that is His Land. The reason Yah gave the instructions to the Hebrews of old and the reason He is restoring them to us today is not just about us. It is about the land we are being called back to, the land we will one day call home, the land of Israel. Read the two verses referenced above. Do they say to keep the instructions so you will be blessed? No. They say to keep the instructions so when we enter the land it will not vomit us out. (Click to Article)

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