FBI warns: America’s power grid is highly vulnerable to attack … Are you prepared to live without electricity?


(NaturalNews) In recent days, the FBI, along with the Department of Homeland Security, made a startling admission.

The U.S. power grid is extremely vulnerable to cyber-attack.

Why is that so earth-shattering? Because, as reported by Cyber War April 12, both of those agencies said just three months ago that cyber-threats to our power grid were no big deal.

Apparently, they are.

This month, the FBI and DHS launched a nationwide program in which officials of both agencies are holding conferences with state and local power officials warning them of the dangers electric grids face from nation-state hackers in countries like Russia, China and North Korea.

The warnings come on the heels of a likely Russian state-sponsored hack of a Ukrainian power grid in December, an attack that surprised – and concerned – U.S. officials who are scrambling to shore up cyber defenses of American infrastructure.

In addition, NBC News reported earlier this month that search engines are being developed by hackers to identify poorly-protected IT systems, including those that control dams, power plants, financial centers and other vital infrastructure.(Click to Article)

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