‘Why is this not a hate crime against Christians?’

Satanist Adam Daniels

Oklahoma City officials have granted a permit to a Satanist to desecrate a statue of the Virgin Mary in front of a Catholic Church on Christmas Eve, a decision that is outraging Christians who say the city’s mayor would have never allowed a similar permit to be issued in protest of a mosque.

Adam Daniels, a member of the Satanist church, says he will pour fake blood over the statue and say prayers to it in an effort to dispel the notion of the virgin birth, a core doctrine not only of the Catholic Church but millions of Christians the world over.

Daniels was the Satanist who sponsored the “black mass” in Oklahoma in 2014.

He said he plans to pour costume blood that has been ‘treated with sulfur powder and ash” on a statue he will bring himself, reported the Fatima Center, a Catholic website at Fatima.org.

“The outrage is scheduled to take place outside St. Joseph’s Old Cathedral on December 24 from 4:30 to 6:15 p.m.,” the website reported, referring to the event as an “atrocity.”

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