Vaccine Makers Employed Nazis

The Nazis are some of the most reviled humans in the history of the world. Vaccine makers operate under the guise of being the savers of human life as we know it. Nazis and Vaccine makers once worked together. So what gives?

The short answer is, of course, nothing. The plank they walk is miles longer at every seeming end point and as sturdy as a slab of skyscraper concrete.

Carl Krauch was a member of the Nazi regime. He was head of military economics for Adolf Hitler. He served 6 years in prison on charges of slavery and mass murder. After that, he became Chairman of the Board for BASF in 1952. This means that he went to an interview with “nazi” as his past job, and accomplishments that listed “slavery, mass murder” on his resume, and was hired to lead a vaccine chemical company. IG Farben is the top level corporation, BASF is a sub-company which controls the chemical production that works with pharmaceutical companies.

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