Torah Commentary – THEY DID, SO HE DID – Day 28, Month 12 (Adar), February 28, 2014

Torah Commentary

Exodus 38:21-40:38, 1 Kings 7:40-50, 1 Cor 6-10


*My apologies as I got ahead last week. Maybe a message we needed twice?*

Have you ever thought that serving God was hard work sometimes? I am sure the Hebrews had this thought going through their minds once in a while. I mean Hashem has brought them out of Egypt where they were doing quite a but of building and here they are again, building. This time it is not for a Pharaoh, it is for God! This makes a big difference in attitude, but you still go to bed at night tired and wake with a couple of aching muscles!

Truth is, life is hard work sometimes, no matter what you do. Being part of God’s family does not give us a free ride through life. In fact, at times it adds more to our lives. Just think, before you knew Him you did not take time to pray, well maybe in times of trouble. You did not take time to study His Word or find ways to live out that Word. You sure did not give of your resources and time for Him. Life in ways may have been easier, but it sure was not as rewarding.

This may have been the attitude of the Hebrews the day they brought all the finished materials for the Tabernacle to Moses. I love how David Stern translates chapter 39, verse 43. With the materials at his feet, it says, “Moses saw all the work, and – there is was! – they had done it! Exactly as Adonai had ordered, they had done it. And Moshe blessed them.” I would imagine that Moses did bless them! Here is this group that is best known for grumbling and complaining, and they had set their minds to a task for Hashem, and done it! It was sure a proud moment for Pastor Moses, but the best was to come.

The Hebrews get to work setting up the Tabernacle, everything in it’s place as Moses was instructing them. After all this was a pattern of what Moses had seen in the Heavens, so he knew just where it all went. Board upon board, basin, menorah,  curtains and the Ark. Everything in it’s place. Finally the screen for the outer courtyard and it’s curtain, then it happens.

The cloud that had been guiding them through the dessert started to move. It covered the tent of meeting and the glory of The Holy One filled the Tabernacle. The glory was so strong that Moses was unable to enter! I wonder how many people cared about the long hours of the previous days or the slight pain in their muscles! Not a one, I am sure!

Today we build a spiritual tabernacle, not with our hands, but with people’s lives. We await a time in which the third temple will be built in Jerusalem, Messiah will return and His Kingdom will be upon this earth. At that time we will see the spiritual and the natural come together on this earth before our eyes. What a day!

Until that day, we work. We work to build His kingdom through our lives. We build through holding firm in our faith. We build when we walk in obedience to His Torah. We become the revelation of Hashem on this earth for all to see!

Question, how is the glory in your life and mine? Is it enough to turn heads without a word being spoken? It should, but for most of us, including myself, we have to admit, we are not there. What is the answer? Keep looking at His pattern; keep asking that our lives would be conformed into His image, not our neighbors. Keep studying, praying and changing. Keep waiting for the cloud to come, hover over us, and fill our Tabernacles with His glory for all the world to see.

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