Torah Commentary – Terumah – “Heave offering” – Joined To HaShem – January 31, 2014

Terumah – “Heave offering”

Exodus 25:1-27:19

1 Kings 5:26-6:13

Hebrews 8:1-6 

 A Willing Life

This week’s Torah portion begins with the Tabernacle, a tent HaShem will use as a dwelling place that He may live in the midst of His people.  HaShem will give specific instructions to Moses and the Hebrews regarding this tent and its furnishings.  As we read through this and next week’s portions we will see the richness of this dwelling as well as shadows of Messiah and even prophecies of the soon coming Kingdom.

It begins with the building of the Tabernacle.  Maybe not!  It actually begins with God’s people giving.  That’s correct, the people had to give before the Tabernacle could be built!

These scriptures reveal to us God’s pattern for accomplishing His plans upon this earth.  Now, let’s face it.  He really does not “need” people.  He is well able to speak a world into existence or bring forth rocks to sing His praises.  Though He is able to accomplish the job on His own, He does not.  Instead He works with and through people in cooperation with them to bring forth His plans and purposes.  It was true in the building of the Tabernacle; it was true in the building of Solomon’s temple; it was even true in the formation of Gideon’s army.  HaShem works through and in cooperation with people.

The same principle is true today.  He does not change.  In these last days He is still seeking people who will listen for His call and be a part of His work, people like you and me who will search out His plans and hop on board.

A number of years ago a Southern Baptist pastor named Henry Blackaby wrote a study course called “Experiencing God.”  It is still used and taught in many congregations today.  For many it is just another program, but for some, it has been life defining.  One of his points in the study is that we should always be looking in our world around us for what God is doing.  When we see what He is doing, we ask to be a part of it.  This is contrary to how many desire to work.  They desire to come up with a plan and then demand that God be a part of it and bless it!  I think this attitude is just slightly twisted!

The Hebrews heard from God and they responded.  They gave of their possessions as well as of their time and efforts to help bring forth the Tabernacle.  The end result we will read about in coming weeks.  The point is, they heard, they responded, they gave, they worked and they enjoyed the results.  They even did so without first reading a copy of Dr. Blackaby’s book!

Psalm 110:3 says. “Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power.”  I as well as many others I know long for that day, a day in which people will volunteer for any and every job available.  But what about the day we are in today?  Are people as willing today as they were in the days of the Hebrews?  I think not, but I do believe the attitudes are changing.  More and more I see people who desire to give of their time and of their resources.  They desire to be part of plans and projects, which build His Kingdom instead of man’s kingdoms.  They desire to have their names associated with things that are eternal, not things that are temporary.  This changing attitude should give us all hope, a hope that this is a sign we are one step closer, one day closer to the day of His power being manifested on this earth; a day in which God and man work in cooperation to declare His glory throughout the whole earth.

The Hebrews did not possess the fuller revelation of the plans of HaShem, which we possess today, but they did possess something we should take a lesson from.  They possessed a willingness to give and to work until their leader Moses had to tell them, “Enough, you have given too much!”  Maybe we could learn a very valuable lesson from them for our day.  After all, the Tabernacle was great, but it was merely a shadow of what we are being asked to build today!

Are we building for the future, for the Kingdom, by His design?  Or only for the here and now, in this world, by our personal design?

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