Torah Commentary – The Clash of Two Worlds – Acharei (After The Death) – Joined To HaShem

Torah Commentary


 Acharei (After The Death)

Leviticus 16:1-18:30;19:1-20:27

Ezekiel 22:1-19; Amos 9:7; Isaiah 66:1-24

I Corinthians 12-16

The Clash of Two Worlds

The Hebrews had come out of a society we can only imagine.  It was filled with paganism and secular interests.  There was nothing within the society of Egypt that would point a person to the one true and living Elohim.  Well, maybe we can imagine it, just look around at modern society for a lesson in what it was like.

The Hebrews were caught between two worlds, because they were Hebrews.  On the one hand were the laws and lifestyle they had grown up with and were accustomed to in Egypt and the laws and lifestyle of the people who were presently living in the Promised Land.  On the other hand was also this almost surreal set of laws and lifestyle they had been called to at Mount Sinai by HaShem Himself.  They were now told that they were to forget the practices of their previous land and not to learn the practices of the place they were going, but rather were only to abide by the laws and lifestyle Torah was teaching them.  They would have to make choices and discern for themselves just how this clash of two worlds and two systems of laws would affect them in the days ahead. How would it all work out in their lives is something we continue to learn from in all of Scripture.

This dilemma of the Hebrews is something many of us are facing.  In fact our dilemma may be a bit harder to walk out.  In this diaspora we find ourselves  freed from Egypt spiritually, but our bodies are still here in the middle of a very pagan and secular world.  We have not yet been set free to take our wilderness journey.  Our lives are being lived out in lands where the war of two worlds in not in our past or future, but right here in front of us.

Today we see leaders being elected that do not share one piece of commonality with Torah.  We see Godless men and women who are daily seeking to make ours into a society that will make Sodom and Gomorrah blush in embarrassment in the end.  We see laws being enacted that not only do not line up with Torah, but are actually in direct opposition to Torah.  What are we to do?  This is a question I am asked frequently.

As followers of HaShem and those who seeks to honor His Torah we are on a daily basis being asked to make choices of which world we are going to live in and who’s kingdom we will swear our allegiance to. For most of us, we long to simply leave this present system behind and be instantly translated into the Kingdom of our Messiah. This would be the easy way out though, and one thing I know about HaShem is He never gives us the easy way.  So what do we do?

So far the choices we make have been relatively easy.  The questions have arisen over taxes, use of property or prayer in schools or home schooling.  We have differing opinions, but not too much so far has been life threatening.  Thus however is changing very rapidly in front of our eyes.  What about when someone comes to your door to take control of your children because of your radical beliefs that are hindering the brainwashing these people are teaching?  What about when forced abortion is enacted due to the lies of overpopulation?  How about when it is illegal to own a copy of Torah as it has been through many times of history?  What about when pulling up to a meeting to discuss Torah meant a knock at your door the next week and questioning about your anti-government beliefs and lifestyle?  These are some of the things in life that make you go, “hhhmmmm!”

The Hebrews had forty years in the wilderness to let go of their old ways and teach the next generation a new way of life.  You and I have to learn and change as we go.  We must make decisions as new things are thrown at us.  We do not always have time to take a day off and research a decision.  We must at times even today fly by the seat of our pants and make decisions quickly.  We think it is something now, just wait a few days or weeks and see how you and I long for the simpler days of what we have today.

So what exactly are we to do?  We must first know His Word.  This sounds so simple, but it is something many people still have not gotten.  Most followers of HaShem still have not read His Word from cover to cover!  Now how can you know it is His Word if you have not read His word?  Second is we must know His voice.  But how will we know it is His voice if we do not know what His voice has already said in His Word?  Do you see a pattern here?

What are we to do as the clash of two worlds continues to wage war around us?  The answer is so simple that most will never see it.  The way to make it through is to first decide which king you really desire to serve and when you make that decision, firmly resolve that His is the only voice you will listen, regardless and always, forever.  Simply put, when laws clash, your allegiance is being put to the test and is proven by the decisions that you make.

As you follow Torah and HaShem, your decisions will probably be very different from other folks, because you march to a different set of orders, issued by a different King.  You are different.  You have been set apart.

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