AN UNUSUAL WORD – David Wilkerson Today – A Ministry of World Challenge

by David Wilkerson
[May 19, 1931 – April 27, 2011]
Recently the Holy Spirit gave me an unusual word, one that I did not want to
hear! He said, “You are bound to a very limited vision of the Lord’s ocean of
tender, loving mercies. You have endured much guilt, condemnation and fear
because you have not allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal the vastness of My
forgiving, healing, reconciling mercies. You do not know Me for My tenderness!”

God showed me that this is a root cause for many giving up and falling away.
When sin strikes—when Satan comes in like a flood, when you fall into some
old habit or sin—the devil creates a bondage. First, the guilt comes flooding
in, then fear fills your heart. A sense of total failure and helplessness
overwhelms your soul. At this point, most believers run out of grace—because
their view of God’s mercy is so limited.

Satan comes to you and says, “You’ve reached your limit. You’ve confessed
your sin time after time. There is no way God will forgive you now, because
you’ve sinned against the light. If you return and confess once more,
you’ll turn around and sin all over again. So quit now!”

The devil does not want you to see God’s ocean of mercy; he wants you to see
only a trickle! Because of our ignorance of the forgiving, restoring power of
Christ’s love, we are destroyed. We run out of mercy for ourselves because we
are horribly bound by a limited vision. Our eyes have not yet been opened to the
endless mercies of our tender Father! We are so bound by a false, limited view
of His mercies, we find it almost impossible to believe or accept what James
said: “[We] have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful (full
of compassion), and of tender mercy” (James 5:11).

This verse means, “God is easily crushed by our troubles and hurts. He feels
our pain and our failures, and He is kind and compassionate to us. He loved us
even when we were His enemy. Even when we offend Him, He is quick to help,
restore and forgive us.”

The word mercy means “kind and compassionate treatment of an offender under
one’s power.” God has the power to damn us to hell every time we sin; He has us
under His control and can do with us as He pleases. And it pleases His tender
heart to be compassionate, loving and kind toward those who have failed Him the

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