by Gary Wilkerson

“But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit . . .” (Numbers
14:24, ESV).

What was it about Caleb that caused the Bible to say he had a different spirit?
Are you a man or woman who hungers and thirsts and cries out to God, “Make me
a man or woman of a different spirit”? Or are you a middle-of-the-road
Christian, willing to wander in the wilderness, willing just to spend your life
in mediocrity?

What was it within Caleb and Joshua that set them apart? Why did they have a
different spirit? What sets apart any man or woman who has a different spirit?
Why do they not seem ordinary? What do they have and why do some of us not have
it? How do these men and women get this different spirit? And the most important
question of all, how can I get it?

A young man in our church has set his face like a flint to follow Jesus. When I
am with him I say to myself, “Jesus, I want the kind of desperate spirit this
young man has. I want more of that fire and that unction, that purity and that

This young man says, “I have determined to follow Jesus, not in my own
strength but in the power of the Holy Ghost.” His heart says to me, “I have
determined to walk with clean hands and a pure heart.” In an age of
compromise, he has determined to keep His eyes on Jesus. When others around him
are willing to put on a light show with smoke and mirrors to draw a big crowd,
he is crying out, “Lord, I don’t want that. Yes, I want to have thousands
saved, but I’m hungry for something more of You.”

When I am around this young man of a different spirit, I am provoked to
jealousy. The Holy Spirit allows us to be jealous or envious of someone who has
more of Jesus!

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